Sunday Service - September 19, 2021

Sep 19, 2021    Jeremy Sparks

In 1 Corinthians Chapter 1, Paul begins by giving thanks to the people of Corinth for their obedience in God’s Word and the holy offerings that they have been giving to the church. They have also appeared to be patiently waiting for the revelation of God.
Divisions in the Corinth Church
Although Paul is thankful for the people at Corinth, he was also disappointed at the strife and divisions that were occurring amongst the people there. Many of the people were fighting with each other and causing major disagreements. At the root of some of the disagreements was the gospel that people said they were following.
Some people said they were following the gospel of Paul. Others, such as the Greeks, were saying they were following the gospel of Apollos and Cephas. Meanwhile, others were following the word of Jesus Christ, which was directly causing a division made by human wisdom.
Paul Addresses the Divisions
Paul urged the people at Corinth to agree with one another and stop the disagreements. He said that nobody was to follow his gospel, but only the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He reminded people that Jesus Christ died for their sins and for the salvation of their soul. In addition, Christ rising from the dead proved once and for all His power as the son of God.
People Question the Message
This message was meant to end all confusion and cause people to worship the only one true God. Instead, some were using their human intellect to question why God would allow His only Son to die. Others were questioning why Christ did not save Himself from the people who were trying to murder Him on the cross. Paul said in 1 Corinthians Chapter 1 that questions like these disappointed God.
God Destroys Man’s Wisdom
The divine message of Christ dying on the cross may sound strange to some, but Paul explained that its message is clear to true believers. In 1 Corinthians Chapter 1, he claimed that God will destroy the wisdom of man and He would condemn those that boast of their own abilities. The only boasting pleasing to the Lord is that which boasts of His grace and glory. The chapter concludes by saying that God provides the true wisdom we need to walk a path of righteousness.