Sunday Service - October 10, 2021

Oct 10, 2021    Jacob Edmisten

Paul Addresses the Immorality
Paul received the news that the people of Corinth were proud of their sexual immoralities. They not only tolerated it, but they boasted of it, too. He addressed an issue in which a man slept with his father’s wife and those who knew about it would brag about the incident.

But instead of rebuking the one who committed the sexually immoral act, they were happy for that man. Although Paul was not with them physically, he said he was there with them in spirit and he wanted to correct them.

Paul Gives Correction
He said that instead of encouraging that man who slept with his father’s wife, they should have rebuked him so that he could turn from his wicked ways. Paul said the man was in the hands of Satan and only those who would show him Christ could lead him to salvation before the Second Coming of the Lord.

Paul also emphasized that the incest and sexual immorality among the people could not be tolerated and they were being used by the devil. This could only lead to the destruction of the flesh and would draw them away from the Spirit, which was not Paul’s goal.

Paul Speaks of Judging Others
Even though Paul was not with the people at Corinth at the time, he knew about what their wickedness and sexual immoralities. He did say that there were some who do these wicked acts, but he also said that they were not all alike because everybody did not participate in things like idolatry, sexual immorality, swindling, stealing or murder.

Paul said that if everyone was this wicked, they would all have to leave the world because it would no longer be good. He said in 1 Corinthians Chapter 5 that he was not one to judge anyone outside the church. However, those inside the church will answer to God.