Sunday Service - October 24, 2021

Oct 24, 2021    Steven Laird

The subject of 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 is Paul discussing the issue of marriage and how husbands and wives should be towards each other.

Paul’s Advice for Getting Married
Paul said in 1 Corinthians Chapter 7 that it is good for a man to remain unmarried. However, he said that if he could not control himself, he should marry and have sexual relations with only his wife. This also applied to women.

Paul’s Discussion of Marital Intercourse
Paul told both husbands and wives that they do not have authority over their own bodies and should yield to the desires of their spouse. They should not deprive each other of this because it would only lead to temptation, which leads to sin. However, this means that they should also mutually agree upon when they will abstain so that they could devote that period of time to prayer.

More Advice about Getting Married
Paul urged the unmarried and the widowed to stay unmarried because that was good. He said that he wished everyone could be like him: without need for a partner. However, if they absolutely could not contain themselves, then he said they should marry.

He did say, however, that it was better to be married and to have sexual relations with your own spouse than to burn with passion and desire. This is something that Satan could use to tempt a person into sinning. Since many people are weak, Paul said getting married was acceptable in order to avoid sinning.

Paul Addresses Unequal Yokes
According to Paul, people should remain a believer regardless of the situation that they are in. This meant that even if someone was married to an unbeliever, they should continue to live in Christ. He said that he wanted to spare people of the troubles that come with marriage.

An unmarried man has more time for Christ and more time to spend in prayer. However, those who do marry are not sinning and those who are virgins and do decide to marry have not committed anything against the Lord. Paul let them know that if they did not marry, they would have more time for the Lord.