Life Groups

What is a Life Group?

At Heritage we believe that the Church is not simply the building we meet in or the service we go to on Sunday, it’s the whole body of Christ. Our Life Groups are a way for the members of the Church to gather together during the week. As we meet in these groups we are United by encouraging and equipping each other to pursue Christ. Our groups are all about being honest about where we are with God and pointing each other toward the only answer to our lives, Jesus.

Why are Life Groups Important?

At Heritage Life Groups are the foundation of our community. Sunday mornings are important and we love gathering as a large group to worship. But Life Groups are where community really happens. These smaller groups make it easier for you to really connect with other believers. You are able to share your life with the other people in your group in a way that may not happen as easily on Sunday morning. We believe Christianity happens life-on-life. The Bible says that as iron sharpens iron, so other people sharpen each other. And that’s what Life Groups are for. In these groups we share our hurts, our joys, our sins, our victories, and everything in between. We become a close family within the larger family of Heritage. If you want to experience all God has for you in the church, join a life group, get plugged in with a small group of other believers and share your life with them. Don’t be satisfied with just sitting in a Sunday morning service. God has more for you than that.

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