The Gospel of Matthew Bible Study Series

Hey Heritage family! I just wanted to share a little bit of something that God has been working in me over the past few months. Back when the pandemic started and social distancing started, I kept feeling like I needed to do something. At first, I wasn’t really sure what that was. 

But eventually, God led me to decide to start an online Bible study series. 

Studying the Gospel of Matthew

When God gave me this idea, I had already been studying the Gospel of Matthew on my own. A long, long time ago I was reading through Matthew and God challenged me a bit. He pointed out that I’ve never actually studied the Gospel of Matthew, even though I’ve read it many times. And so I decided to study it. I’ve been praying a lot as I’ve studied for God to help me see Jesus more and for Him to change my heart as I study. 

And so in this study series, we’re going to be studying the Gospel of Matthew together. I know Matthew is a long book and so it is going to take a while. But, I do believe once we get into it, we’ll see God start to show up in some amazing ways. I’ve already seen some cool things in my own study. 

Series Outline

Since Matthew is such a long book, and honestly this study is going to dive pretty deep, I am going to try to break it up a bit so it’s easier to digest. I don’t want to overwhelm y’all. So we’ll go at it in small chunks at a time. 

I want to give you guys a little outline of how this will go for now. Things may change as we go, depending on how the Spirit leads all of this. 

First, before we even get into the Gospel of Matthew, I want to spend some time talking about how I personally study the Bible. I think it’ll be helpful for everyone if we establish a good foundation and understanding for studying the Bible. That way we’re all on the same page as we get into the text itself. 

Then, we’ll dive right in starting with the genealogy in Matthew 1. We’ll spend quite a few posts walking through the genealogy because there’s a lot of depth in there and I think it’s the one part of Matthew that a lot of people struggle with. 

Then, we’ll just march right through the first four chapters over the course of several posts. 

After we finish chapter 4, we may take a break for a bit to let what we’ve just studied set in a bit before jumping into the Sermon on the Mount which starts in Matthew 5. But if we get to the end of chapter 4 and you guys want to just keep going, then we’ll just plow through the Sermon on the Mount as well. 

Study Along with Me.

As you read the blog posts, I encourage you to study the Gospel of Matthew on your own. The goal of all of this is not to simply talk about what God has shown me. Although I will be sharing a lot of what God has shown me personally, more than anything, I want to teach people to study the Bible on their own. I don’t want you to just go with what I say or write. 

Think of these blogs. They’re here to point you in the right direction and give you some insight into the Gospel of Matthew. But I’m not going to study it or read it for you. Throughout each blog, I will show some of the ways I approach a specific passage and will challenge you to go through that process on your own. Ask your own questions. Write your own notes. And feel free to share your thoughts and insights in the comments. I would love to see all of us discussing what we’re reading and seeing together. 

I will post the first blog next Wednesday, so be sure to keep an eye on Facebook and the website!